Eduardo Mattos (BR)

In the past decade Eduardo Mattos has been working as director of pho- tography and visual artist. Mattos has a B.A. in Cinema and is currently pursuing his Masters in film direction. He is continuously researching subject matters around levels of convergence and divergence between film and the other arts. He had the chance to work as a photographer in films and TV series and also to be part of individual and group art exhibitions both in institutions and in commercial galleries. From 2005 to 2015, Eduardo Mattos produced artworks and films in collaboration with the artist Fernanda Figueiredo. As fruit of this partnership, they took part in two artist residencies—PICTURE BERLIN (2012) and Fire Station Artists’ Studios — and the Museum of Modern Art from Rio de Janeiro acquired their works as part of the permanent collection. 

Eduardo is an alum of PICTURE BERLIN Summer Session residency (2012), and worked with the program from 2016 - 2018.