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Program Overview


PICTURE BERLIN concentrates it's programming on 6 - 10 day Sessions. Each Session focuses on a central concept we feel is paramount to the current art scene in Berlin.



8 - 10, 22 - 24 & 29 April 2024
How can you harness your own magical powers in your studio?
 How can you take your energy one step further?
 What new skills can you learn to activate your workflow?
 What do you imagine for your future practice?
 What goals do you want to achieve with your work?

Join us for this all new 2 part session* titled;

This session is concentrated on POTION.


PICTURE BERLIN, located in Berlin, Germany and founded in 2009, is an artist-initiated interdisciplinary program developed by artists for artists and art institutions. PICTURE BERLIN, is a dérive as it meanders through Berlin, supporting meaningful exchanges between art intermediaries and artists while building active, dynamic and long-lasting networks. PICTURE BERLIN offers an intense daily exploration of unique experiences during its Sessions. 

Over 300 artists, and over 200 curators have participated as both residents and contributers to our program over the years. We are proud to say that there has never been a repeat program because we are focused on the interests of our incoming residents in combination with the city itself. As a constantly changing organizism we realize the importance of moving with the city, it's spaces and the art communities we work in collaboration with.

In addition to the popular 10 day Sessions, collaborations with numerous universities have taken place. Tailor-made art programming includes workshops, psycho-geographic walks, discussions, artist studio visits and tours, all of which are highly specialized and distinctive because of our extremely expansive network in the Berlin art scene. To date, no program has ever been repeated due to the extended PICTURE BERLIN network.

A partial list of international universities that have worked and continue to work with PICTURE BERLIN include; Portland State University; Bard College; Victoria College of Arts, Melbourne, Australia; University of Southern California; Syracuse University; Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany; California College of the Arts, University of Kansas; and University of Nevada, Reno.

As content providers we create multi-sensory experiences with focused and targeted curriculums. If interested in working with us as an institution, please contact us: