What is the program fee for the Sessions in 2022?                           

The program fee for the online sessions are €675. The payment is requested in 1 installment.

The program fee for the in-person 10 day session is €1,850.00. The payment is requested in 2 installments. 

How can I apply to the program?

We will have an online application available 2 months before the next application deadline.

What mediums do you accept? We welcome artists, curators, writers amongst other creatives, to participate in the program. All mediums are welcome. This program is about having a larger dialogue about contemporary art. 

Why does the program cost money?                                                                 The program was started by working artists and continues to be run by working artists. As artists, cultural producers and educators, we have experienced that more than not, cultural workers often do not get paid for their labor. Creative labor is a valuable resource that needs to be honored and respected. Therefore every faculty member who does an artist or curatorial talk, a portfolio review, a guided walk or discussion is paid for their knowledge, expertise and their time. The program fee goes out to paying those artists who are based in Berlin and who contribute their time and energy to making the program as wonderful as it is. The program fee also goes to space rental costs in addition to the general administrative costs of running a program on this level. PICTURE BERLIN is an educational organization that is acknowledged for it's contributions towards professional develpment by the country of Germany.

How can payment for the program be made? Can I use a credit card?           

We accept International Bank Transfers. Personal checks are not accepted, but credit cards may be used through Paypal. Paypal is accepted as well for money transfers (although they charge a significant fee). Transferwise is another online money transfer website that also is easy to use and doesn't have as high fees as Paypal.

I noticed that housing is not part of the program fee for the in-person session. Where should I stay and is it hard to find housing in Berlin? 

Once the applicant has been accepted into the program we do what we can to provide links and suggestions for housing options.

Can I participate in only part of the program?
When you accept your admission to PICTURE BERLIN you are committing to the full 10 day term of the in-person session. The program builds on itself, so to maximize your experience it is best for you to be present during the entirety of the program. The program is very intense and is not only about your personal experience but also the collective experience you share with the other participants, therefore it is not possible to leave the program midway through.

What can I gain from this program that other programs wouldn't be able to give me?
There is no other program quite like PICTURE BERLIN. It is a unique chance to experience the international artistic community from the inside. The focus of the program is to have a feeling of what it is like to experience art and discussions about art in a context that might be new and unfamiliar to you, with people you do not know. The challenges of considering your artistic practice and simultaneously being exposed to cultural differences is an enriching experience which can further your work in leaps and bounds that might be astonishing.