Alicia Reuter (US)

Alicia Reuter is an art historian, writer, editor, and translator. She co-founded the Berlin Art Prize in 2013 and works with a range of arts and culture publications and institutions. She settled in Berlin in 2005 after studies in the United States (B.A. Art History), Florence (Post Bacc. Art History), and completed her M.A. in Contemporary Art History at the Freie Universität Berlin.

With the Berlin Art Prize, she and her co-founders established the city’s first independent award for contemporary art. The aim is a community-oriented award, beyond the pre-existent art world economy. In addition, Alicia organizes an event series that takes place within the context of the prize concentrating on the current state of art in Berlin and beyond.

As a writer and translator, Alicia’s work focuses on contemporary art, architecture and theory. As an editor, she works with the development of catalogs, books, and magazines for cultural institutions, universities, and publishing houses.