Application is available here 

Eligibility Requirements:

+ Fluency of English

+ 25 years old or older (there is no maximum age limit)

+ An interest in sharing ideas, including giving and getting feedback on work

+ A creative practice in one's work which can include, but is not limited to; photography, sculpture, video, sound, performance, social practice, architecture, dance, choreography, writing, curation


The Application Requires:

+ 1 page resumé

+ 7 images (the applicant can also submit up to 3 text samples and up to 4 video links)

+ 2 reference names must be given (a letter of reference is not necessary at the time of application)

+ Images or text documents MUST be labeled as per the application requirements, i.e. yourname_PB20.jpg or yourname_PB20.pdf

+ €15 application fee


Application Assessment:

Your application will be assessed by an Admissions Committee consisting of the Session's collaborative partner with PICTURE BERLIN, and the Founding Director of PICTURE BERLIN.