The Fall Session 2017 Application extended deadline is 14. April 2017!

Application fee is €15

We have been reluctant to charge an applciation fee but due to the steady increase of applications over the last year, we are now charging €15. The fee goes towards supporting our team who take great care to review each application individually and very thoroughly.

If the applicant is accpeted - the application fee will be deducted from the program fee.


Eligibility Requirements:

+ A minimum of 3 exhibitions

+ Fluency of English

+ 20+ years old or older (there is no maximum age limit)

+ An interest in sharing ideas, including giving and getting feedback on work

+ A visual arts practice is mandatory (various mediums can include, but are not limited to; photography, sculpture, video, sound, performance, social practice)


The Application Requires:

+ An artist statement (up to 250 words)

+ Resume (up to 350 words)

+ A description of a work that best describes one's practice (up to 250 words)

+ 10 images (the applicant can also submit up to 4 video links)

+ Images MUST be labeled as per the application requirements, i.e. FrancescaWoodman_PB17.jpg

+ A Letter of Reference made on the applicant's behalf by an arts professional


To receive a link to the application please fill in the form below: