Residency Format

Image credit: The Naked City, Guy Debord, 1957

PICTURE BERLIN, founded in 2009, is an artist-initiated program developed by artists for artists. PICTURE BERLIN, nomadic in nature, is a dérive as it meanders through Berlin, supporting meaningful exchanges between art intermediaries and artists while building active and dynamic networks. PICTURE BERLIN offers an intense daily exploration of unique experiences during its 10 day Sessions.

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Due to the current Pandemic, PICTURE BERLIN has changed the program dates:

Re-imagining Wanders: Art and Activism

NEW DATES: 11 - 20 September 2020

Open to all Mediums and Creative Practioners

Application Deadline: 1. July 2020

Program Fee: €1,789

Re-imagining Wanders, curated by Pauline Doutreluingne, explores drifting perspectives on art and activism. 

Through a diversity of walks, explorations, active working sessions and presentations, the participants will get an in depth encounter with visionary artists, activists, architects, curators and art initiatives, who play a innovative role in the international art scene in Berlin. This approach allows re-imagination, inspiration, discourse, spatial intervention, collective learning, movement and public meetings to float into one another. The addressed topics range from psycho-geography, architectural activism, ecology, post-coloniality, borders, protest, queerness and hacking the canon. The program is open to visual artists, writers, film makers, theater makers, curators and architects who have an active practice. 

An overview of the program:

1. MEET AND GREET - informal meet up with new residents. Alumni and former PB artists and curators will also be present

2. IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS (3 durational walks through the city) Andrew Burford, Lucy Powell and Adrian Schiesser

3. NARRATIONS OF INTERVENTIONS IN URBAN SPACE - night walk & interventions with Mischa Leinkauf

Through temporary actions and interventions Leinkauf claims public space,and intently ignores the regulations that apply to its use. Through the experiential immediacy and spontaneity of night time drifting a counterbalanced of a conceptual framework of precise planning and execution will take place.

+ SHOW & TELL - Resident artists do a public evening of presentations to a public audience.

4. TINY HOUSE UNIVERSITY with architect Van Bo Le Mentzel  

Many people might think that Van Bo Le-Mentzel is a dreamer, and he would agree. What does he dream of? A more sustainable, less capital driven world in which people reactivate and share spaces. ‘How could we organize a society in a post-migrant, post-colonial, post-democratic world? What’s next?’

5. PLANT SURVIVAL STRATEGIES with artist Anne Duk Hee Jordan - looking fornew species in Berlin’s surrounding forests and lakes

6. COLONIAL NEIGHBORHOOD PROJECT with Lynhan Balatbat + visiting SAVVYContemporary Colonial Archive

7. GARDEN ACADEMY; theory day with curator Pauline Doutreluingne on Hacking the Canon, which includes an active session of participation  

8. IDEOLOGICAL POSTURES AND PROTEST MOVEMENTS - Performance workshopwith Isaac Chong Wai 

9. ONE ON ONE PORTFOLIO REVIEWS with Berlin based artists and curators including; Lynhan Balabat, Van Bo Le Mentzel, Mischa Leinkauf amongst others

10. BRUNCH SEND OFF - the last meal together which will include past alumni and artists and curators who have contributed to this session of PICTURE BERLIN


MASH-UP: Fall Session
New Dates: 24 September - 4 October 2020

Application Deadline: 1. July 2020

Examining Artistic Practices through the methodology of Collage

Open to artists working in all mediums in addition to curators, writers, architects and designers.

Program Fee is €1,789

Over the years, the concept of collage has played an essential role in the structure of PICTURE BERLIN; using elements from many sources to create a cohesive experience. The essence of collage expands the boundaries of what’s possible by merging materials to create new meaning. 

MASH-UP, PICTURE BERLIN Fall Session (24 Sept - 4 Oct 2020) is in collaboration with the artist Hannah Goldstein. The program looks at the methodology of collage from a multitude of vantage points. The 10 day program intensively explores the broader concepts around collage as a blueprint for thinking, making and dialoguing about art practice. This newly developed Session, sets out to be a springboard for new thoughts and ideas. MASH-UP, a multi-sensory experience, brings a plethora of voices to the discussion around knowledge gathering. The elements of MASH-UP include conversations with multiple artists and curators, in addition to a musician and chef who use a collage strategy at the heart of their practice. 

MASH-UP is open to visual artists, writers, educators and curators.

An overview of the program:

1. MEET AND GREET - informal meet up with new residents. Alumni and former PB artists and curators will also be present

2. IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS - durational walks through the city with April Gertler, hannah goldstein & Katja Haustein, Adrian Schiesser, Andrew J. Burford, and Mark Emblem

3. SHOW & TELL - Resident Presentations

4. SAMPLING WORKSHOP with DJ Femalemacho 

5. RISO WORKSHOP - Riso printing and book making workshop 


Two talks/workshops given by: Flaneur, The magazine based in Berlin and     The Feminist Health Care Research Group


8. TRAMTALKIE - Artist talks by the following artists; Marco Montiel-Soto, Azar Pajuhandeh, and Monika Michalko. Each artist will describe one project they are doing in depth.

9. FOOD WORKSHOP (THE ONION PROJECT) Food and Storytelling with Carolina Paoletti

10. ONE ON ONE PORTFOLIO REVIEWS with Berlin based artists and curators including; Dorothée Nilsson, Pauline Doutreluingne, Emma Howes, Power Ekeroth, and Louis Cameron