Adrian Schiesser (DE)

Adrian Schiesser, born in Germany, moved back to Germany after living abroad for 20 years. He works from a sculptural perspective - having worked conceptually for years. Most recently his work has taken the form of artist walks which include soundscapes. He has shown work at Spor Klübü, tête, WIRWIR, and PICTURE BERLIN, venues based in Berlin.

In September 2012, Adrian developed Sonntag in Berlin in collaboration with April Gertler. Sonntag is a nomadic social sculpture realized on a quarterly basis in apartments through out Berlin. Adrian and April invite artists to share their work in a third party's domestic space. Since it's inception, Sonntag has been realized over 60 times with international editions in Paris, Copenhagen, New York City, London and Amsterdam. In 2019, the book; Sonntag : A recipe for Social Pratices was published by The Green Box.
In 2021, the team created the fixed project space WIRWIR which is engaged with building community through alternative platforms found outside of the traditional arts venues.

Adrian has been living and working in Berlin since 2011.