Adrian Schiesser (DE)

Adrian Schiesser, born in Germany, moved back to Germany after living abroad for the 20 years. He works most specifically from a sculptural perspective - having worked conceptually for years but most recently finished a long term sculpture in the South of Spain. He has recently shown work at Spor Klübü, Berlin and tête, Berlin. In September 2012 Adrian developed Sonntag in Berlin in collaboration with April Gertler. Sonntag invites artists to collaborate and share their work in a domestic space. The project is realized on a monthly basis by way of a public invitation to a Sunday matinee where the invited artist‘s favorite cake and coffee/tea is shared with the audience. Since it's development, Sonntag has been realized in Paris and Copenhagen, with a scheduled appearance in New York City in early 2014. Adrian has been living and working in Berlin since 2011. 

Adrian has been part of team of artists who have developed In Search of the Miraculous, the psychogeographic artist walk, since 2013. Adrian has been leading a the walk for In Search of the Miraculous since 2013.