Anne Schwanz (DE)


Anne Schwanz lives and works in Berlin. She studied art, art history and pedagogics and graduated in 2004 from the Caspar David Friedrich Institute, Greifswald University.
In 2004 Anne started working at Galerie EIGEN + ART in Berlin. Currently she is a a Senior Director and is involved in all major developments and projects.
Since 2015 she works with Johanna Neuschäffer at the new EIGEN + ART Lab, the project space of the Gallery.
The LAB is an innovative field for experimentation of contemporary artistic positions. Facing the challenge to follow its vision, to think a future, to build a sense of freedom while creating something which bears not only for the moment but lasts for long, the LAB experiments daily with new formats and media and realizes exhibitions such as: “Artificial Intelligence” in 2015, “ghost in the machine”, a reading room with materials selected by Carsten Nicolai and works closely together with young, emerging artists like !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Martin Groß, Tom Anholt or Charlotte Dualé. Additionally the LAB organizes Satellite events, Vision Labs and participates in talks and festivals.
Anne has been an active member of the PB faculty since Summer Session 2016.