Conny Becker (DE)

INTERIORS TO BEING takes visitors and invited artists into an intimate encounter within the homes, gardens and streets of Berlin as well as the lives of strangers. 

Conny Becker was one of seven curators for interiors to being. The concept for her chapter, titled RAUMANEIGNUNG, was an exhibition/performance which dealt with the adaptation of our bodies to space, the body’s response to different spaces, and the occupation of these spaces. Depending on the individual focus of each work, the exhibition oscillated from a concrete portrait to abstract Euclidian geometry, our three-dimensional space of conception and the cosmos.

Conny Becker is an independent journalist, author and curator residing in Berlin. She studied art history at Humboldt University in Berlin (BA), and has edited the publications "Metropolitan Views: Art Scenes in Berlin and London", (Deutscher Kunstverlag, Berlin/Munich 2008) and "Metropolitan Views: Art Scenes in Berlin 1989-2009" (Deutscher Kunstverlag, Berlin/Munich 2010) as well as several exhibition catalogs. In 2013, she was the main author of the catalog of the Luxemburg Pavilion and also contributed to the general catalog of the Venice Biennial.