Tuçe EREL (TR) is a Berlin-based curator and art writer. She studied Sociology at METU (2005, Ankara), received her MA from Anatolian University in 2009, and her second MA in Arts Policy and Management (with a curating pathway) from Birkbeck College, UK, in 2015. Tuçe has worked for art magazines, as a content editor, archivist and gallery assistant, and has worked as a curator internationally since 2015. Although Tuçe uses her sociology background in her curatorial research, she prefers to twist and challenge the conventional social science methodologies. In the last few years, she has been exploring the concept of hacking as a way to unbox the concept of bio-politics, Anthropocene, ecological crisis, nature cultures, non-human agency, artistic speculation and imagination. Tuçe has been a member of TOP Transdisciplinary Project Space since January 2017 and Art Laboratory Berlin since the end of 2019. In August 2020, she started hosting a podcast series, Art Next Door, featuring the independent art scene in Berlin.

TUCE did a podcasting workshop for MASH-WANDERS.