Hannah Goldstein (SWE/US)

hannah GOLDSTEIN has been working as an artist for the past 15 years with her main medium being photography. She moves freely in the realms of self-docu- mentary, narrative portraits and staged photography with political headings. goldstein has a B.A in Photography and Human Rights from Bard College, NY. She also works with collage, installation and video. In 2013 goldstein self published her book family business. She is also part of the feminist art collective Die bösen Mösen. hannah is the co-founder of Kaetha, a curatorial collaboration with Katja Haustein. Since 2012 they have realized several photo exhibitions in various locations. One of their main projects is kLEISTER, which organizes exhibitions in the public realm. 


Hannah and Katja - her colleague with KLEISTER, have contributed to the Curatorial Marathon since 2013. In addition both Hannah and Katja are part of IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS - psychogeographic artist walk which is a significant part of the program. They guided the resident artists on their walk for IN SEARCH both in the Summer and Fall of 2015. Hannah also participate in the portfolio reviews during the Fall Session 2015. In 2018, Hannah and Katja will lead an artist walk for IN SEARCH.