Tarje Eikanger GULLAKSEN (NO)

Tarje Eikanger Gullaksen studied fine art at the Royal Art Academy in Copenhagen. He works in a wide range of artistic media including film, sculpture, painting and drawing.

Tarje is interested in situations in which things lose their usual functions and point to other contexts of meaning. In his choice of artistic media, he makes clear that every form of representation is in principle doomed to failure, due to the fact that artistic language plays a crucial role in determining its the content from its first articulation. In his work, Tarje traces the places in which one representation model transitions into another. It is exactly through these junctures, transitions, jumps and translation mechanisms that he is able to reveal sensibilities that expand our perceptions of reality and imbue them with new qualities. His work has been shown at Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo; The Vigeland Museum, Oslo; Sprengel Museum Hannover; Gaudel de Stampa, Paris; UKS, Oslo; Suportico Lopez, Berlin; Artspeak, Vancouver; Gurusaday Dutta Museum, Kolkata; Museum of Modern Art Aalborg; and Folkeobservatoriet, Oslo. Tarje lives and works in Berlin.