Anja LUTZ (DE)

THE GREEN BOX is an independent art book publisher based in Berlin, founded in 2005 by Anja Lutz and curator and art critic Axel Lapp. Anja has been the sole director since 2014.
THE GREEN BOX has published over 80 titles in close collaboration with artists, creating exceptional artists’ books as well as monographs on contemporary art. These books not only reflect the artwork, but also explore the creative possibilities offered by the medium.
Anja is also the art director and publisher of the experimental magazine Shift!. Shift! is a publication that could never be reproduced on the internet. It ́s tac- tile, it ́s engaging, it is made out of different materials and sometimes even includes sounds and scents. Shift! is a diverse but coherent piece of work, an experimantal project that involves different people and deals with a different subject matter in each publication.