Shannon Bool (CA)

Shannon Bool explores art history’s various systems of representation in drawings, collages, photograms, murals, and architectonic interventions and combines these to an intricate plexus of references between contextual components and applied techniques.
The exploration of the ornamental plays an important and reoccurring role in the work of the artist. Shannon does not see ornamental elements as decora- tion or embellishment but rather as signifying a further level of understanding and perception. For her, they are transparent visual systems that mark the processes of perception and work. In addition, Shannon is intensely interes- ted in the potentials of photograms. She has found an artistic technique for them that allows her to transfer a variety of source materials to one image level. Through the use of new materials like transparent film, on which she draws or copies photo materials, Shannon has further developed the technique of photograms attaining a three-dimensional effect. Shannon is represented by Galerie Kadel Willborn, Düsseldorf and Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto, Canada.