Michaela Richter (DE) is a freelance art historian educated in the field of aesthetics and cultural and media studies. Her particular interests include questions of the political in art and exhibition making, aesthetic strategies that challenge knowledge and social structures as well as transdisciplinary and critically engaged formats of curatorial work. Her master's thesis focused on the topic of collective artistic practices. Michaela has pursued curatorial, editorial and administrative work for many institutions and projects, including the Centre for Artists’ Publications, Bremen (2008–2010), nGbK / New Society for Visual Arts, Berlin (since 2011, selected exhibitions: “Alfredo Jaar – The way it is. An Aesthetics of Resistance”; “It Is Only A State Of Mind”) and District Kunst- und Kulturförderung, Berlin. At District, she co-initiated “Curatorial Practices: Fields and Techniques”, an ongoing series set to reflect and discuss current tendencies, questions and methods of curatorial work in contemporary visual arts and related fields in regard to new approaches in 'non-disciplinary' knowledge production. Michaela has been participating in the Cultures of the Curatorial program at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig since 2013, during which she co-curated the project “Gender and Diplomacy – The “Ladies’ Programme”” at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. Her latest project revolved around the idea of the “comment” as a possible characterisation for specific curatorial practices of fast response.

Michaela will be contributing to the Curatorial Marathon this year.