Irina Gheorghe (RO) is an artist based in Bucharest and Berlin. Recent interests include topics such as vagueness, ambiguity and dissimulation in the context of a longer research on science and the supernatural in Eastern Europe. Irina co-founded the artist duo The Bureau of Melodramatic Research in 2009 which investigates how elements of melodrama (emotion, gender and the body) shape contemporary society and the new working place. She also co-founded Bezna in 2011, a publication and a performance group which explores concepts such as darkness, fear, and the unknown, taking its name from a multi-layered Slavic word meanings pitch black and bottomless abyss.
Some of her projects and performances have been presented in CAC (Vilnius, LT), MNAC (Bucharest, RO), bak (Utrecht, NL), mumok (Vienna, AT), CNDB (Bucharest, RO), DEPO (Istanbul, TR), Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowsky Castle and Technical Museum (Warsaw, PL), messagesalon (Zurich, CH), Center for Visual Introspection (Bucharest, RO).

Irina will be doing a performance for Summer Session 2015.