Carson Chan (CA)

Carson Chan is an architecture writer and curator. Chan studied design, history and theory of architecture at both Cornell and Harvard University, where he received a Master’s in the History and Theory of Architecture. He founded PROGRAM in 2006, a non-commercial initiative for art and architecture collaborations. For the past two summers, Chan has led Chulalongkorn University’s INDA (Interna- tional Program in Design and Architecture, Bangkok) design-build studio with Yarinda Bunnag and Will Patera, bringing twenty-four architecture students from Bangkok to Berlin for six-weeks of study. His writing on art, architecture and contemporary culture appears in books and periodicals worldwide, including Kaleidoscope, where he is a contributing editor, and 032c (Berlin), where he is editor-at-large. Chan is an active advisor to several cultural institutions including DLD (Munich), Europan, and the Premio Furla - a biennial prize given to the most promising emerging artists in Italy. He is currently working on a series of essays on exhibition making in both art and architecture. Chan is visual arts curator of the Marrakech Biennale 2012.