David Edward Allen mostly engages directly with nature as means to effect or create form. Using, for example, natural phenomena such as gravity, the organic growth of trees, or the movement of a sound-wave, he sets up simple and absurd structures which are open to processes of reorganization. David’s works are like experiments to isolate, or rather traps set to capture, the moments of change between order and disorder and the position and occupation of a specific space within the extended spatial-temporal perception. David has shown in various solo and group exhibitions, such as at the Museum of Installation, London; Kunsthaus Baselland, and the Akira Ikeda gallery, Berlin. Between April 2011 and April 2012 he was co-director of the project space nationalmuseum at its Urbanstrasse site in Berlin-Neukölln, where he curated a number of solo and group exhibitions. David has been living in Berlin since 1999.