Elana Scott (US)

Elana Scott is a mix media artist with roots in abstract painting. She creates through processes that are physically daunting and semi dangerous. Elana enjoys scouring the earth to find misfit materials in order to create her work and to challenge herself in making things through what has already been. Lately, she has been focused on creating immersive installations that force viewers to engage physically with her work, making for a complete sensory experience. Elana drives motivation from her own relationships to trauma, race, the body, and the subconscious. Her objective is to take these personal topics and turn them into work that stimulates a diverse range of viewers and pushes nuanced conversations of collective traumas. Elana has been in various shows in Los Angeles and Berlin and is a 2018 graduate, with a dual Bachelor of Arts Degree from Pitzer College, Los Angeles in Religious Studies and Studio Art.