Caroline Shepard (US)

Caroline Shepard writes about the above work:

In 1989 Barbara Kruger susinctly stated in response to the chipping away of abortion protections in the United States that our bodies were a battleground. In 2022 Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court decision that protected abortion access across the nation was ended. 50 years. The course of my lifetime. That’s it. What does forced motherhood mean? It means women are not autonomous. It means women in the United States are not equal citizens. But we are not alone in our move towards political extremism. From Afganhanistan to the US, practically half the countries in the entire world have some sort of restrictions on abortion. We need only look back to the Third Reich to know that our bodies are controlled when fascism is on the rise. Sadly, on January 6th we witnessessed more than just a right wing rebellion as throngs of angry men waving “DON’T TREAD ON ME” flags stormed the capitol building of the United States. We witnessed Patriarchy armed and ready to fight for domination at the cost of democracy. None of this is new. When will we learn? Women’s bodies have been walked over, abused and misused throughout History. Our bodies are remain a battleground. We can feel the footsteps all over us.