Annie Kurz (DE)

Annie Kurz always believes to have discovered relationships, parallels or connections between things, objects, people, technology, new media and the human psychology that are beyond the obvious. It might work a bit like Synesthesia when her numbers have certain colors but when expanding this neurological skill to the world, it makes her take “out of context” to put back into a new in search for the inner self or the identity. For now she doesn’t limit her media and consider the process an interdisciplinary concept. Her goal is to understand for herself through a lab-like process, working like a scientist coming up with theories but the end-result is not necessarily to explain to others. She is more hoping to create experiences for the external viewer to give a possible starting point for their own process.

Annie has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions since 2005 at galleries and public alternative spaces such as 4HP-4-Häuser-Projekt in Tübingen, Germany, Städtische Galerie Reutlingen, Kert Galleria, Szolnok, Hungary, Project Space Melbourne, Australia with projection at Federation Square and Department for culture and Education of the German Consulate General, Shanghai, China. Since 2012 She has proudly been a researching artist at SkypeLab, an artist group analyzing cultural differences and identity perception through the filter of technology using a special drawing process.