Tegwen EVANS (US)

Originally from New Jersey, Tegwen Evans works as a freelance artist, curator, and collaborator in Berlin, Germany. Tegwen graduated from Berlin’s Neue Schule für Fotografie’s International Program in January 2018 and since 2020, they now teach an Ethics of Photography seminar at the same school. They have collaborated with artists in Berlin’s club scene in a variety of projects such as portraiture, installation, performance art, and documenting fashion designers' works. As well as club-scene collaborations, they have also taken part in numerous group exhibitions in Leipzig as well as group and solo exhibitions in Berlin. They have participated in Leipzig’s Pilotenkueche International Residency Program, PictureBerlin’s International Photography Residency, and Berlin Art Institute's Studio Program. They were a founding member of the collective "The Fake Art" and have now created a new pop-up collective in Berlin, "Blue Star". 

Pictured: "Creatures" (2019)