The exhibition RAUMANEIGNUNG (appropriating space) assembles works that deal with the adaptation of our bodies to space, its responses to different spaces, and their respective occupation. Depending on the individual focus of each work, the exhibition oscillates from a concrete portrait to abstract Euclidian geometry, our 3-dimensional space of conception and the cosmos.

Raumaneignung combines a classical exhibition with a performance in urban space, which is why the project is shown in the exhibition pavilion of the artist’s association Milchhof. Its vitrine-like architecture perfectly combines the inside with the outside, and allows the exhibition to be seen outside opening hours and events. Furthermore, Milchhof Pavillon builds an example for the fabulous places that artists appropriated or create themselves – the project spaces of Berlin, a sensitive, fragile good in times of global real estate speculation.

19-31 July 2019

Concept: Conny Becker

Artists: Uli Aigner, Bill Berger, Catherine Evans, Melanie Irwin, Hester Oerlemans

Pictured: "Action with Compass and Coordinates" (2019) by Melanie Irwin