THE MIDDLE STUFF investigates the domestication of time and space, a concept described by French anthropologist, archaeologist, and paleontologist André Leroi-Gourhan (1911-86), who called it a “human fact par excellence” (more so even than the invention of tools): 

“As a result of this symbolic ‘domestication’ the human was able to pass from the natural rhythmicity of seasons, days, and walking distances to a rhythmicity regulated and packaged within a network of symbols —calendrical, horary, or metric — that turned humanized time and space into a theatrical stage upon which the play of nature was humanly controlled.” -Leroi-Gourham, Gesture and Speech, 1993

 The focus of the exhibition is on the structures underlying and symbolically determining everyday life, and the various ways in which we organize or domesticate time and space.

Concept: Lotte Møller

Artists: Fernanda Figueiredo, Elise Gardella, Brittney Hollinger, Nancy McCormack, Sydney Southam

Event dates: 5-11 July 2019