IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS is a series of seven, three hour psychogeographical walks through different areas of Berlin. Each walk focuses on one neighborhood, which will be discussed, explored, and celebrated by one artist. The artist turn their focus to narrating stories interwoven with history and their own artistic practice. The audience has an a opportunity to experience the artists and their work in a direct and personal setting and in the process, learn more about being an artist in Berlin. 

4. July / 16:00h

Neighborhood: Kreuzburg, starting point: S036 - Oranienstraße 190, 10999

Andrew Burford: Queering the Kiez

We visit local haunts and use them as reference points to discuss and piece together a queer history and the development of queer culture in the neighborhood.

9. July / 15:00h

Neighborhood: Mitte / Tiergarten, starting point: Embassy of Mexico, Klingelhöferstraße 3, 10785

Valentina Culley-Foster: Sculpture & Architecture in the Context of Hidden History

The historical insights alongside traditional statues and monuments in counter-play with contemporary art installations and modern life have significant emphasis during the walk.

12. July / 13:00h

Neighborhood: Treptow, starting point: Spreepark, Kiehnwerderallee 1-3, 12437

Gernot Wieland: What are we looking at? And who is looking?

A walk including potato prints and psycho drama, memory and self reflection in an abandoned amusement park. 

17. July / 16:00h

Neighborhood: Tiergarten / Moabit

starting point; S-Bahn Bellevue, exit Holsteiner Ufer (outside)

Joachim Schmid: Working Class, Modernism and Craft Beer

A walk through the belly of Berlin illuminating some aspects of its transformation between the late nineteenth and early twenty-first century.

21. July / 14:00h

Neighborhood: Schöneberg / Tiergarten, starting point: Goya, Nollendorfplatz 5, 10777

Adrian Schiesser: Sinfonie Berlin

An acoustic walk in time through a tortured city.

23. July / 16:00h

Neighborhood: Friedrichshain/Mitte, starting point: Outside of the U2 Märkisches Museum, Wallstraße and Inselstrasse, 10179 Berlin

Marcus Brownlow: Art and Architecture in the DDR – A Walk Through Time

We visit cinemas, bars, public spaces and the residential apartment buildings east of Alexanderplatz to see how architecture and public art were used as instruments of state propaganda.

28. July / 16:00h

Neighborhood: Mitte

Location: Schwerbelastungskorper / Heavy Load-Bearing Body, General-Pape-Straße 34A, 12101

Cynthia Bittenfield; Super-Sized Visions: Hitler’s Germania

Concept: April Gertler