Heiko Pfreundt is an artist and writer, who curates the program of Kreuzberg Pavillon together with Lisa Schorm. Many of the previous exhibitions he has organized were based on formal agreements with the participants such as „The participants agreed to register with a contribution that they will throw into the exhibition space“ (The throwing aspect, 2016), „the participants agree that their contribution to this exhibition will be seen by only one visitor (The only visitor, 2016) or “the participants agree to secretly submit a contribution for somebody else“ (It´s not okay, 2016). With an interest in art as referential system he also became responsible for a variety of experimental exhibition formats in which contributions by artists do not necessarily have to be artworks, nor do they have to be produced by the artists alone, or, for that matter, by artists at all (You haven´t lost the key to the city, 2015). He is a graduate of the University of Arts in Bremen.

Heiko is the co-organizer of the Project Space Festival 2022.