Denise Bergelino (SP)

Denise Bergelino (b.1981) Spanish artist born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, graduated from the General Studies in Photography at the International Center of Photography of New York in 2012 and certified by Centro de la Imagen (Mexico City) in Contemporary Photography in 2013.

Since 2009, Denise has lived in different parts of the Latin American. Her personal experience lays the groundwork for questioning how identity is constructed under external elements and cultural influences as well as how others and oneself perceive it.

Her latest work establishes a new approach more interested in the individual and self-conscious explorations of individuality and emotions that comes with living in temporary spaces and moving across America.

Denise’s work has been shown in collective exhibitions in New York and Denver as part of the Month of Photography Denver (MOP). For 2014, her body of work ‘Mirror Narratives’, has been selected in the 10th International Photography Festival ‘Paraty em Foco’ in Rio de Janeiro.