Alexandra Paydar (b. 1996, US) is an American artist who is currently finishing her Bachelors of Fine Arts (Studio Art) at Pitzer College in Claremont, California. She primarily works in the medium of photography, while also incorporating performance, book making, and installation into her practice. Her work addresses the tension between the intangibility of affect and its simultaneous emotional weight. Taking the form of tactile objects which viewers are encouraged to interact with, her works transcend their mediums and become activated by their audience as they are held and shared. 

Twin Studies is an art and research project that culminated in a photography book produced during PICTURE BERLIN Summer Session 2016. Through extensive research on the medicalization of twins in Germany, the artist sought to uncover the underlying ideologies of eugenics, fascism, racism, imperialism, and purity that fueled Nazism. At this particular moment in history, these ideologies were put on display, exposing what lingers latently in society’s subconscious. The archival imagery functioned as a potent depiction of these ideas, revealing the connections that sustain them. History and present are linked through photographs of former Nazi medical institutions that still function today under different registers. As a twin, the artist was able to reclaim the narrative and portray it from her own perspective.