Tassia Quirino (BR)

Tassia Quirino, born in Brazil, studied Film at FAAP University (2011) and has worked in the film industry for over eight years. Since the beginning of her career, Tassia developed several projects related to art. She directed the documentary Thread in Blue (2011), that follows the urban intervention made by Regina Silveira - recognized Brazilian artist - on the facade of São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP). The film was awarded at the Asolo Art Film Festival (Italy) and screened in several film festivals. She also directed "Blind Spot" (2013), film made for Juliana Cerqueira Leite solo exhibition Positional at Casa Triângulo. 

​In 2012, she founded and directed the first international festival of films on art in Brazil called MOVE CINE ARTE. The program focused on all types of artistic expressions: architecture, painting, sculpture, theater, photography, dance, gastronomy, poetry, literature, music, design, fashion, cinema, visual arts etc. The event took place in a small town of Minas Gerais State called Monte Verde. The audience had the chance to watch films about acclaimed artists, such as: Anselm Kiefer, Pablo Picasso, Roman Opalka, Haruo Ohara, Cildo Meireles, among others. The event had also itinerant exhibitions in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Vitória.

 Ever since her residency at Picture Berlin, she has been working across photography and film installation exploring the relation between light, colour and space and how it affects our perception. Through over or underexposing images, erasing information, distorting forms, multiplying pictures or adding colours, she seeks to disfigure and collapse viewers sense of reality. 

She lives and works in London.

Pictured: "Lusco Fusco" (2018)