Elizabeth Smarz (US)

Elizabeth Smarz (b. 1992) is a multidisciplinary artist born, raised, and currently based in Chicago. Elizabeth graduated from Naropa University in May 2014 with a BFA and a BA in Contemplative Psychology. Through drawing, painting, and photography Elizabeth’s creations explore consciousness, the universal feminine, meditative qualities, and nature’s aesthetics. A selection of her photographic series Earth Angels is featured on Gem Magazine, a “magical and bilingual online magazine for girls and women.” Several pieces from her series Shifting States are published in Nancy Reyner’s, Acrylic Illuminations: Reflective and Luminous Acrylic Painting Techniques. Conscious Variety, an online magazine “concerning matters of spirit, psychology, science, art, and being human,” pairs her acrylic paintings with poetry by Jayme Peta. During her time as a resident of the artist-initiated hybrid residency/art academy Picture Berlin she developed a method for extracting and applying natural dyes sourced from local plants. Elizabeth’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is held in private collections throughout the United States and Berlin. Elizabeth finds herself in Chicago, the Rocky Mountains, and the Pacific Northwest.

Pictured: "Earth Angels" (2016)