Emma Haugh is a visual artist and educator based in Berlin with an interest in re-orienting attention in relation to cultural narratives, developing work from a working class-queer-feminist questioning of what is missing? A continued engagement with club culture and dyke aesthetics in how that informs the collective making of temporary, autonomous spaces. Emma’s background in working across communities with Augusto Boals’ Theatre of the Oppressed has inflected her work with the particular quality of overlapping critique and proposition making towards shared spaces of potential and alterity.

Together with the curator Suza Husse Emma, she initiated The Many Headed Hydra, a collective interested in the potential of storytelling and fiction for connecting research, art making and publishing since 2015, supported by District, Berlin.

Emma is the editor of  ‘Having a Kiki - Queer Desire & Public Space’ published by PVA, 2016.