Lili Peper (US)

‘Existence is Elsewhere’ is an installation and performance piece that explores the ideas around projective human experience. It continues the artist’s interest in the construction of fictitious narratives through active engagement between spectator and outsourced archival imagery. The work includes a text by the artist that is loosely based on Breton’s 1924 “Surrealist Manifesto.” Rendered onto two 4-meter velum scrolls, in English and German, the text pieces are suspended from the top of the gallery wall and extend down to the floor. They are presented as sculptural wall text, providing a larger psychological and theoretical context for the work. Accompanying is a series of surrealist word games created by the artist and her guests during the opening, curated and installed into the exhibition by those same guests. Through this practice, the audience creates an interactive series of works that are physical manifestations of the subconscious, projective experience – a concept that is central to the work at large.