Morvern Odling (UK)

Romantic Geography 

After researching and visiting prehistoric sites across Scotland this inaugural, brief study in two books grew from ny time spent in Tempelhofer Feld. The quality of such a place, echoing that felt in those ancient sites, led to a direct comparison captured in both imagery and words. From the initial exploration grew Romantic Geography: concepts of Romanticism applied to the often sterile and analytical notions of contemporary Geography. In Berlin where the past is ever present and in this unique place where there is evidence of mankind being eroded by the patience of nature, Tempelhof was the perfect case study. Romantic Geography places emphasis on the need for direct, individual experience and the recapture of the sense of necessity in undertaking a Quest. This concept begins to investigate how we understand our physical world now, in the digital age and how artworks can disrupt and shift perception of our environment.