Tobias Lengkeek (NL)

For debris to exist, an act of violence is implied - much like paint simplifying reality only to the visual. Debris signifies that these objects once had a function. It illustrates an action - like painting, lines from skateboarding, old layers, screw and the frame all visualize how a painting was made. They are visual traces of something that happened, just like debris.
It is from a urge to paint that i look around to find something to paint. With the violent interference painting has on reality, I attempt to filter reality to it's essence. when I look at a painting i feel that every day things hold a higher meaning and realize that even though my eyes are open, i don’t always truly see the things around me.
What has been painted will never be the reality because it has been translated to paint that only refers to the visual part of reality. A painting is even made in a blind moment because a painter has to concentrate on what he is going to paint and not on what he sees or has done. The depiction will always be a snapshot of reality and the framing of a painting alway excludes everything around it making the reality intangible.


Pictured: "Oevers" (2021)